Thong Vo (born in 1990) is a documentary photographer...
Thong Vo (born in 1990) is a documentary photographer from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Thong graduated from RMIT Vietnam University with Communication degree, having worked in Creative and Digital Media fields before switching to photography. He built his professional career in 2020 as one of the first practitioners of documentary family photography in Vietnam. Since then, he has been documenting family life for clients and also for his own. His works received awards from two prestigious communities: Fearless Family Photographers and This is Reportage: Family.    

A documentary-committed photographer, Thong slowly but steadily expands his body of works outside of family theme. He strives to explore topics that matter to him: self-reflection, relationship between human beings and their social connections, life's meanings. The experience obtained from documentary approach efficiently supported Thong as he conducted projects for NGOs and brands.


3 Fearless Family Photographers Awards in 2022
2 This is Reportage: Family Awards in 2022
Top 50 Worldwide of 2022 - Fearless Family Photographers
Top 100 Worldwide of 2022 - This is Reportage: Family 

Phone: +84 946 787 970

Thong Vo

Saigon-based photographer whose works focus on documenting diverse family & society issues with a sense of empathy and understanding at core of his practice.
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